Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy



Our aim is to provide a high quality service for Community sport academies and we are continually working towards improving our service to all our members.

Complaints process:

Complaints may be made by telephone, or in writing: 

By telephone: member of staff can take all details over the phone. The member of staff will confirm with you the details that have been recorded and may ask you to sign to this. 

In writing: You can make a complaint in writing and this is recorded in our complaints record file which will include details about the date when the complaint was received, the action required to resolve the complaint and the date when the action is completed. Intermediate discussions about the complaint will also be recorded. We aim to resolve all complaints in writing within 7-10 working days properly and fairly. Should we need to undertake any further investigation of the complaint we may require more time to resolve. 

complaints should be addressed to:

Jonathan Silman